Coffee Pods


The pleasure of espresso

Caffe Lavinia cares, above all, the selection of the best coffee qualities.
We strive to guarantee our customers, both private and business, the authentic taste of good Italian coffee in our pods.
Give yourself a little break of pleasure by buying our coffee pods. You can choose from the classic flavors: Espresso, espresso cream, decaffeinated and, for the most demanding, we recommend the top espresso.
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E.S.E. Coffee Pods

The E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) standard is the term used to identify coffee beans and their compatible machines. A dose of ground coffee, in our case of 7 gr for each type of pod, is placed in two layers of filter paper, vacuum and individually packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Technical features:
Espresso Bar 7 gr
Strong flavour, aroma
intense, fruit of the
selection of the best
robust coffee blends.
Espresso Cream 7 gr
Delicious flavored coffee
with particular sweetness
and an intense fruity aroma
of the best selections of
Arabica coffee.
Decaffeinated 7 gr
Coffee blend dedicated to
coffee lovers. For an extra break,
at any time of day and night
Top espresso 7 gr
Rich, round,
rich in toasted aromas