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Opening a blog entirely dedicated to our business is the beginning of a new adventure in which to provide all our knowledge but above all offers us the opportunity to reach those who do not know us, who can find in our reality an interesting novelty to discover.

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In our articles, we will try to give curiosity users and updates on the world's oldest beverage: coffee.

Today, we want to share with you an important news about the properties and benefits of coffee.

It has been said about the beneficial properties of coffee but never its capacity to prolong life.

Today, some studies published in medical journals reveal that caffeine consumption reduces the risk of mortality.

Compared to those who do not drink coffee, those who consume a cup of coffee of 235 ml per day have a lower risk of 12% death due to heart problems, cancer, stroke, diabetes, respiratory and renal problems (consider that our cup is instead about 40 ml).

It is even better for those who consume three or more cups: the risk of mortality, compared to non-drinkers, is even lower by 18%. The reduction of the risk for who consuming coffee finds its explanation in its composition with the presence of numerous antioxidants including polyphenols (powerful vegetable antioxidants), chlorogenic acids, diterpenes which are present in resins and vegetable balms.

So consuming two or three cups of coffee has an antioxidant effect equal to or greater than that obtained if you consume fruit and vegetables three times a day.

For us coffee lovers these news can only please us!

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