Bar blends


From the best selections of green coffee

Lavinia Caffe's blends, in grains or minced, are produced in four variants, each with different and unique characteristics.
Our products are the result of a research and selection of the best coffee plantations in the world whose organoleptic properties give our blends a definite aftertaste, but ranging from the most delicate to the most intense one.
Our bar blends are obtained by mixing three, four or five types of coffee coming from different areas, integrating and mixing merites and characteristics so to create a balanced product in flavor, aroma and its own consistency.

Thanks to the professionalism of professional tasters, we can get good blends.
Our tasters have the task of deciding both the purchase of raw batches, after tasting and identifying their characteristics, and determining the types and quantities of roasted coffee needed to obtain a prestigious blend corresponding to the taste you want.
Our products hide the secret of the most ancient and artisan roasting process and savant mixing of the different qualities of selected coffee.
It is essential to select the best coffee to get a refined and tasty mixture and a scented and intense espresso.

Espresso Bar

1.000 gr
Blend grain in grains.
Strong taste, intense aroma

Espresso cream

1.000 gr.
Coffee beans bar blend.
Delicate, soft taste on the palate
Top espresso

1.000 gr
Coffee beans bar blend.
Rich taste and creamy

1000 gr.
with Salvaroma valve.
Coffee beans bar blend.
An encounter with pleasure.
Delicate, balanced, creamy