History and tradition of taste

Caffè Lavinia Lecce
Repertory image. Years '70 '80
Lavinia Coffee is a new brand that brings together the thirty-year experience in coffee production, whose fundamental rule is the care in selecting the best quality of green coffee. Currently produces coffee beans for bar, capsules, pods and commercialises coffee machines.
The main purpose of the company is to satisfy the customer through the commitment and passion of those who work daily on this project.
The primary objective is to achieve Total Quality, understood as the effort of the entire company to design, develop, produce and deliver products that meet the customer, that is, the final consumer, and the marketing structure.
Passion, quality and unmistakable aroma are the philosophy of Caffè Lavinia.
Our production chain, high technology, and our business structure it is proposed proudly to the HO.RE.CA and Vending market thanks to the collaboration of experienced and skilled traders who ensure presence throughout the country and on a timely delivery.

What unites our activities and has made Caffè Lavinia an esteemed and well-established company, is the passion, commitment and dedication with which we face every day with new challenges such as the one involved in the design and distribution of furnishings and equipment for the catering, or how to extend our coffee production on behalf of third parties.
Our mission is providing to our customers a prestigious coffee able to combines artisanal tradition with the perfection that makes our products unique and our services impeccables.