Absolute quality blends

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Icone chicchi caffè
Don't reounce to the taste of the best coffee beans selected for you and made with a handcrafted roasting
Icona cialda
Discover our selection of coffee pods and capsules for a bar espresso: try the pleasure of a prestigious coffee
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Distribution and sale of coffee machines for domestic and professional use
"We create,roast and package your blends"

Distribuzione caffè Lecce
From the experience of our craftsmen, born a product of excellence and a blend with an unmistakable taste. We produce blends that can satisfy your tastes: Come to taste all our mixtures and you will you stay enthusiastic!
Capsules and pods
Distribuzione caffè Lecce Caffè Lavinia
All the artisanal manufacturing of our roasting concerning coffee pods and compatible capsules is able to satisfy every palate thanks to the different varieties we produce and their unique aroma.
Caffè Lecce
The pleasure of the espresso at your home? Now you can! Lavinia Coffee provides you with a complete high quality service that allows you to enjoy both the coffee and machine without you having to worry about supplies.
C.O.F. trading
Macchina del caffè Lecce dettaglio
We design and realize the most exclusive furniture for your bar, ice-cream shop, pastry, restaurant, pizzeria. In addition, we provide you with all the equipments exclusively made in Italy, that your business need to be competitive on the market.
Torrefazione caffè dettaglio variante
Torrefazione caffè immagina composta
Torrefazione caffè dettaglio variante

About us

The passion for this drink has been conveyed to us by an old family tradition of craftsmen of coffee who with devotedly have been convey the art of roasting. This is how Caffè Lavinia is born, a new brand that brings together thirty years of experience in coffee production and distribution, whose fundamental rule is the care in selecting the best quality of green coffee. Today, we try to pass this passion into a product that combines the goodness of the taste and the simplicity of the production by producing coffee beans for bar, capsules, pods and marketing coffee machines to bring in the Italian homes the pleasures of coffee like in a bar. Passion, quality and unmistakable aroma are the philosophy of Caffè Lavinia.

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